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About traveltipy.com

Traveltipy.com is a travel blog that is focused on informative travel guides, travel inspiration, tips and travel stories. It is filled with great articles with pictures and maps. It is about natural places, cities, sights in a particular area (country, region, city) and own travel experiences.

The aim of this website is to map all interesting places in the world, although it is now more focused on Europe.


Some important facts about traveltipy.com

  • Up to 40,000 unique visitors and 65,000 pageviews a month
  • Several articles shared by official tourism boards such as Visit Helsinki, Feel Slovenia, Visit Czech Republic, Paris, je t’aime, Rendez-vous en France, Visit Sicily, Visit Ljubljana, Spain.info, Visit Portugal, Visit Lisboa, Visit Barcelona, GoToHungary, Tallinn, Prague.eu, Slovakia.travel and others
  • Fast website with 99,99% uptime, we manage websites since 2008 (Read more about performance here)
  • 100+ unique and interesting travel articles with 200,000+ words and 4,000+ great pictures
  • Our visitors are coming from US (15%) followed then by UK (10%) and then other 8 European countries

Should you need an access to Google Analytics, let us know.

What forms of ads are available

Banner ads

Do not hesitate to Contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] for further details.

More than just banner ads

Our Banner ads service is not just about putting your banner on our site and leaving it as it is. If your service/product is related to any place (e.g. you advertise a hotel in London) we will then focus more on London, its attractions, and events.

We will write as many articles about London and its surroundings as possible so that it brings more targeted visitors to our site and to your banners as well. This service is already included in a price of banner ad service.


Exclusive partner

We can also offer our website exclusively to one client when only your company to be advertised here. As an exclusive partner, there will not be other than your banners visible on the site. The price starts at 300,-EUR/month.


Would you like us to review your service or product and feature this on our website? Not a problem! Let us know what you would like to make a review for. We can come to your hotel, camping, aquapark, make a review of the new camera, write something about the festival you organize…

Sponsored posts

If you want to feature your service or product that is somehow related to travel/photography and could be potentially interesting to our readers, then Sponsored post is one of the best options. Sponsored post can be filled with pictures, contact information, link to your site etc…

Other advertising options in your mind?

Do you have some special request or idea? No problem! Contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] so that we can discuss it further.

Advertise on traveltipy.com travel blog!

Would you like to have your own travel blog?

We have created several travel blogs so far. If you think you would like to have your own travel blog, we can create one also for you, respecting all the knowledge we have learnt since our first travel blogging experience in 2010 and from our website creation and managing services since 2008.

We can deliver you the whole travel blog including theme (responsive mobile-friendly design), quality, fast and reliable web hosting, important plugins installation, content with pictures and texts… and we can even manage it later on daily-weekly-monthly basis.

Your own travel blog should then bring you a free traffic from Google and other Search Engines and a lot of potential customers.

It is not hard to manage travel blog (once it is well established), however, it can be time-consuming to learn how to create a travel blog, make it secure, good looking, fast and loved by Search Engines. If you are new in this field we can help.

The price starts at 750,-EUR per site and include .com domain registration fees, wordpress CMS installation, professional design from Themeforest or other such theme providers (we will suggest some good for you). The price further includes web hosting service for one year, creating basic Social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, …), setting up emails, Analytics and other Google tools, installation of essential plugins, security hardening and short user guide.

Do not hesitate to Contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] for further details.

Being a sponsor to our site does not mean that you are helping a CEO buy a 3rd vacation home. It means you are helping a dad put food on the table, pay bills, a little girl gets storybooks, and a little boy gets his nappies. 🙂